We’ve spent the last year working hard to bring you something so special, it has never before been seen on Australian shores. At Paradigm, we believe the electronic scene is so much more than just music. It’s an experience, a philosophy, a journey. Let us captivate your senses again and take you on a wild voyage with next level visuals, an A-grade international line-up and a dance floor that transcends anything you’ve experienced before.

You won’t want to miss this visual and musical delight in October 2018




Paradigm. is Australia’s newest electronic music festival, uniting the community under one roof and enchanting lovers of trance with a revolutionary line-up of international talent, immersive installations and out-of-this-world production.

Thanks for joining us in March 2018 for an unforgettable experience, which transcended your wildest expectations and set a new standard for dance in Australia.